Legendary producer Quincy Jones rushed to hospital after suffering from chest pains

Quincy is renowned in the music industry and famously produced several of Michael Jackson's albums

1980s and 1990s pop music videos - what does a 12-year-old make of them?

Michael Jackson wears a nice red jacket, Wham can't dance and N*Sync are like One Direction, or that was the verdict when we asked Georgia Graafland to give us her verdicts

Janet Jackson wears nappy-like trousers as she pays tribute to brother Michael on stage

Putting her unflattering fashion to one side, the singer still had the crowd roaring as she performed a Michael Jackson track

Jay Z joins Instagram for Michael jackson

Jay Z 'pays tribute to Michael Jackson as he joins Instagram' with touching photo: Will it be his one and only?

The rap music star allegedly joined Instagram to celebrate what would have been Michael Jackson's 57th birthday

Zayn Malik likened to Michael Jackson by the King of Pop's own brother

According to Jackie Jackson, the former One Direction heartthrob embodies the same 'special spirit' as Michael and his brothers

Michael Jackson#s son shares rolled cigarette with one of his dad's doctors on a yacht

Michael Jackson's father Joe is discharged from hospital after suffering a stroke which left him temporarily blind

Joe Jackson was rushed to the Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo on July 26

Michael Jackson's famous white sequined glove sells at auction for 41,000

The star's rhinestone accessory fetched the whopping sum along with a prototype of the jacket worn by Jackson on the cover of his album 'Bad'

Pop star Michael Jackson arrives with his father Joe Jackson

Father of Michael Jackson waiting to learn if stroke has left him permanently blind

Joe Jackson, father of the globally successful musical dynasty, was taken ill and rushed to hospital during a trip to Brazil to celebrate his 87th birthday

Joe Jackson

Michael Jackson's father Joe rushed to hospital after suffering a stroke

The superstar's dad has been left temporarily blind as he was taken ill in Brazil on his 87th birthday just two days after his family threw a party to celebrate

Michael Jackson asked George Lucas to cast him as Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars

The director ultimately decided to give the part to unknown actor Ahmed Best instead as he feared the singer''s involvement would become bigger than the actual movie

Live Aid 30th anniversary: 30 things you never knew about the 1985 concert

Did you know Paula Yates stopped at a petrol station on the way to the gig to buy some flowers for Princess Diana?

These 'psychic' twins claim they predicted 9/11 and talk to Princess Diana and Michael Jackson

Identical twins claim ghosts make them write eerie messages predicting the future including the cyber attack on Sony, the Baltimore riots in the US and the Boston Marathon bombing.

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john, dote, michael, jackson, quincy, jones, mirror, magazine